Proud to be an AKC Breeder of Merit-Bronze

Below is a list of all of the conformation and performance titled pugs that I have owned, co-owned, bred, or co-bred, and their published OFA test results.  I am very grateful to have had these wonderful dogs in my life, and I appreciate the individuals who have shared some of them with me.   Many of these amazing dogs of the past have helped shape our pedigrees today.  I look forward to meeting the future dogs who will be the result of all the hard work, time, and commitment put into the research and the careful planning put into their births. 
1.  CH Larimar's Stardust, CD, CGC  "Star"  
2.  CH Celestial Neu Star Attraction "Emma" 
4.  CH Celestial Starvue Cassiopeia "Dot"

5.  CH Celestial Starvue Orion "Eros"

6.  CH Celestial Starvue Phoenix CD "Tia"
7. CH Celestial Starvue Pisces "Pi" 
co-owned with Moonstone Pugs
9.  CH Starvue Celestial Golden Fyr "Fiona" 
co-bred with Starvue Pugs
11.  Am./Can. CH Starvue Celestial Golden Moon CD "Oliver" 
co-owned and co-bred with Starvue Pugs
12. CH Starvue Celestial Golden Sun "Apollo" 
co-bred with Starvue Pugs

13. CH Mystic Celestial SkyFury "Socrates" 
co-bred with Mystic Pugs
14.  CH Mystic Celestial SkyHawk "Scarlet" 
co-bred with Mystic Pugs

15.  CH Mystic Celestial SkyLord of Faz "Dude"
co-bred with Mystic Pugs
16.  CH Mystic Celestial SkyRaider "Bailey" 
co-bred with Mystic Pugs
17.  CH Mystic Celestial SkyRay "Yvonne"
co-bred with Mystic Pugs
18.  CH Celestial Simon Citius Storm "Hermes" 
OFA Normal Patellas, PG-PA178/21M/P-PI

OFA FAIR Hips, PG-117F24M-PI

19.  Am./Intl. CH Celestial Storybook Hoku-Lele "Tiki" 
co-owned with Kennel van Shaka's Royal Kraal
22.  CH CandyLand's BLKHawk of Arvay "Kirby" 
co-owned with Simon Pugs
23.  Celestial Romantic Wishes CD, RAE NAJ "Mina"
owned by Waski Pugs
24.  Celestial Final Call AX MXJ  
owned by Mrs. Neumeier
25.  CH Celestial Grand Finale "Luna" 
owned by Surewins Pugs
26.  GCH Surewins Celestial How Do Ya Like Me Now "Toby" 
bred by and co-owned with Surewins Pugs
28.  CH Victory's Simon Celestial Keahilani Heaven's Fire "Lani" 
bred by Victory Pugs and co-owned with Simon Pugs
29.  Celestial Maui Rain "U'lalena"
co-owned with T'ien-Shan Pugs 


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