Availability of Stud Services and Pugs for Adoption

Showing and breeding quality, genetically health tested champion pugs.

STUD SERVICE:  At this time, we offer stud service from Champion, genetically-tested male pugs.  Please visit the "Our Studs" page to learn more.

PUPPIES:  Occasionally, we have puppies and adult pugs available.  At this time, we are accepting applications for Companion Pet and Show Prospect puppies due in late 2019/early 2020.

All of our puppies and dogs go to their new homes with the following:  

· Age-appropriate vaccinations and de-wormings

· Crate or use of Sherpa Bag

· Health record and any tags

· 4 lb. bag of Fromm's Four Star Game Bird Recipe Dry Dog Food

· Leash, collar, and teething toy

· Pedigree of puppy and photos of the parents

· Three year Genetic Health Guarantee

· Temperament compatibility guarantee

· Registered microchip and tattoo

· Booklet of Pugs 101: Information and Instructions for Caring For Your Pug

· Show Guarantee (for Show Prospects)

· AKC DNA Typing (for Show Prospects)

· NME Test Results (for Show Prospects)

· DM Test Results (for Show Prospects)

· OFA Preliminary Hip Results (for Show Prospects)

· CERF Eye Exam (for Show Prospects)

   If you wish to be considered as an adoptive home for one of our beloved pugs, carefully review the "Our Adoption Process" information on the right side of this page.  After reviewing the adoption process information, complete the form below, which is Step 1 of the 7-step adoption process. It is important that all of the questions are answered so that you can be best matched with the type of pug that best fits your needs.  Should a question not apply, simply answer "N/A":  


1. Answer all questions completely. Use "N/A" if a question does not personally apply to you. Incomplete applications will not be considered. 

2. Electronically sign and date the application. If married or in a domestic partnership, have your spouse/partner also electronically sign and date the application. Unsigned applications will not be considered. 

NOTICE:   I take the time to personally review each application.  Response time is expected to be 2-4 weeks.  Please note that it typically takes anywhere between 2-24 months to adopt a pug from me.  

Our Adoption Process Step 1: The Application



1. What color pug do you wish to adopt?

2. What sex pug do you wish to adopt?

3. What type of pug do you wish to adopt?

9. Are you willing to administer daily eye drops to the pug if it needs it? 

10. Are you willing to have the pug's anal glands expressed if it needs it?

11. Are you willing to have the pug's nails trimmed on a regular basis? 

12. Are you willing to accept full financial responsibility for all veterinarian care and costs for the pug once you have adopted it? 


1. Is your residence:

3. Check all that are on your residence:

5. Do you have a fenced yard? 

6. Does your home have air conditioning?

7. Are you renting or do you own your current residence?


11. Are you interested in breeding dogs for :




Thank you for taking the time to complete and submit this application. Your cooperation is appreciated!  Normally, you can expect to receive a response in 48 hours, however, since December 2016, we have been experiencing a large volume of inquiries and applications. The response time is currently 4-6 weeks. Please check over your answers and make sure that there are none left blank before clicking on "SUBMIT".    Incomplete applications will not be considered.   Your application will be kept on file for one year from the date we receive it.  

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Surewins Celestial Moonlyt Hollyberi and
CH Starvue Celestial Return By Pegasus as puppies. 

Our Adoption Process

The Adoption Process for getting one of our pugs has 7 steps to ensure that our beloved dogs are going to the best homes possible.  The first thing you must be aware of is that the typical wait time to adopt one of my pugs is anywhere between 6-24 months.  Each of our pugs is a member of our family, so we are very careful, slow, and deliberate in taking the necessary time to match them with a family that will be the best for them.  We want to ensure that they are going to a home and family that will love them and take great care of them forever. 

Many of the steps of the adoption process are conducted via email and postal mail so that both parties may have a written record of the information exchanged to refer back to as needed.  There is a method to this madness.  Please do not ask to omit or alter the order in which the adoption steps are presented.  

STEP 1: The Application

Complete and submit the Adoption Application on this page.  

STEP 2: Optional Title Rebates & Current Adoption Fees

After your application is reviewed, you will be emailed information regarding the Title Rebates and Adoption Fees.  After you review this and wish to proceed with the adoption, then you contact us via email.

STEP 3:  Review of the Draft of the Written Agreement

You will be emailed a draft of the Written Agreement to help you decide if you want to adopt one of our pugs.  The Written Agreement is designed to protect three entities:  you, us, and--most importantly--the dog.  It is designed to be a large part of the screening process by giving pause for thought on the responsibilities involved in dog ownership.  The copy you receive in Step 3 is only a blank draft for you to review.  Do NOT sign this blank copy.

This Written Agreement has been utilized for over 20 years and none of our pugs leave without this being agreed upon, signed, and notarized.  Please avoid simply agreeing to the terms of this contract just so you can get one of our dogs if you have no intentions of abiding by this agreement.  It is not worth it to me, and it would not be worth it to you. 

After you review the Written Agreement, you contact me via email so I may address any questions or concerns you might have about it.  When you understand the agreement and are comfortable with it, then you contact me again via email and we will arrange a date and time for an interview. 

STEP 4: The Interview

This one hour interview is designed for us to meet all persons residing in the household of the applicant(s) who wish to adopt one of our pugs.  This meeting provides you and us the opportunity to get to know each other a little better and ask more questions.  Applicants who live within a 3-hour driving radius from our home in the California Central Valley will visit with us and the dogs in person.  Applicants who live outside the 3-hour driving radius from our home in the California Central Valley may elect to interview via telephone call.  After the interview, you contact me for any remaining questions you might have.   No deposits are accepted at the interview.  No pugs are released at the interview. 

STEP 5:  Reference Check 

After you have completed the interview and have let me know that you have decided to pursue the adoption of one of our pugs, then I will contact your references. This is a reciprocal process, so feel free to ask for our references as well.

STEP 6:  Drawing Up the Written Agreements 

After both of your personal references have responded favorably, you will provide me with the information needed to type up two hard hard copies of the written agreement.  You will receive these two copies via USPS postal mail for you to initial, sign, have notarized, and return with your deposit.  Upon receipt of the signed and notarized written agreements and deposit, you will be officially placed on the waiting list.  The order of the waiting list depends upon the availability of the type of pug you wish to adopt and the postmark on the envelope in which you returned your written agreement and deposit.  If your puppy is under 16 weeks of age, you can begin visiting your puppy on a weekly basis after the puppies have had their first vaccination (at age 6 weeks).  Prior to the first vaccination, or if you are unable to visit with your puppy, you will be provided with weekly updates and photos of the puppies. 

STEP 7:  Transfer Appointment

The final step is getting your pug, which you will do on the date and time agreed upon for the transfer appointment in the written agreement.  Companion Pet puppies can usually begin to go to their new homes after their 3rd vaccination, at approximately 11 weeks of age.  Show Prospects can usually begin to go to their new homes after their OFA preliminary hip dysplasia consultation results come back, generally after 4 months of age.  During the 90 minute transfer appointment, I will provide you with and go over your personalized Pugs 101 binder of information on how to care for your pug, and share with you many helpful tips on feeding, bathing, training, and many other important topics.  After the transfer appointment I like to say that we are now "related by pug, not blood" since you will have joined our pug adoptive family.


For the safety of my dogs, I do not ship any pugs unattended in the cargo area of airplanes for any flights.  Please be advised that you will have to make arrangements to have your pug escorted by an adult to be ON-BOARD in the cabin area of the airplane if you live in an area that would require you to fly to the California Central Valley.  The closest airports are:

  • Stockton Metropolitan Airport (SCK), 17.5 miles
  • Oakland International Airport (OAK), 72.3 miles
  • Sacramento International Airport (SMF), 77.3 miles
  • Norman Y. Mineta San José International Airport (SJC), 77.5 miles
  • San Francisco International Airport (SFO), 90.5 miles

CH Starvue Celestial Return By Pegasus being snuggled by her 3 week old daughter, Skyler

The Breaking Bad Litter at 6 weeks old.

The Breaking Bad Litter napping on a Sunday afternoon.


Skyler, about 5 minutes after she was born.   

Surewins Celestial Moonlyt Hollyberi in 2014.  Hollyberi was born on Christmas Day.  (Photo by C. Fletcher). 

Celestial I AM The Danger (Skyler) enjoying her toy car.

Celestial Moonlyt Winter Solstice (Winter) at one week of age. 

CH Simon HiTech Temptress Storm (Sirena) looking pretty in her Halloween outfit.

Surewins Celestial Moonlyt Hollyberi  (Holly) at 8 weeks of age.  

Celestial I'm In The Empire Business (Keiki) relaxing in the shade.  (Photo by S. Phillips). 

Celestial Ode to Kelani (Henry) next to one of his namesakes.  (Photo by M. Byrnes).

Celestial Moonlyt Aloha For Kelani (Aloha) looking pretty in her dress. 

Celestial Moonlyt Purple Reign (Prince) relaxing with his favorite colored toy.  

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