T'ien-Shan Celestial Please No Yellow Card

(T'ien-Shan Shut Up Legs Cuz My Bet's On Jens x Celestial I'm In the Empire Business)

Introducing Melli Mia! 

This very promising little girl is sure to conquer the rings when she's ready since she's already conquered our hearts.  This lovely lady comes to us by way of T'ien-Shan Pugs.  She has the most beautiful double-curled tail.  

We are expecting to have some great fun with this little beauty when she debuts in the show rings in 2019.  Melli Mia is:

Meli Mia was bred to CH Victory's Simon Celestial Keahilani (Lani), and she delivered four puppies in late February.  We created a video playlist on YouTube to document their full story.  Likewise, you can click the video links below to see a sample of the puppies' story:  


 Lani is:

  • Heterozygous for coat color.  He produces both black and fawn puppies.  So far, Lani has produced 33% females and 67% males, of which 50% were black puppies, and 50% were fawn puppies.  
  • Heterozygous (N/S) for Necrotizing Meningoencephalitis (NME).
  • CERF normal with OFA PG-EYE166/10M-VPI.

Lani and Melli Mia's four puppies are:

  • Either N/N or N/S for necrotizing Meningoencephalitis (NME).

Their pedigree appears below.  There are 8 dogs with OFA certified hips:

  • 4 with GOOD ratings.
  • 4 with FAIR ratings.


Melli Mia practicing on the table, December 2018.

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